Preparation: Tile borders must be applied to a clean, dry surface. Surface temperature should be at least 60° F and no more than 100° F during application. Begin by lowering water level 10” to 12” (borders will measure 6” OR 9“ with an additional 4”- 6” of dry surface area for installation). Surface must then be cleaned and free of any algae, dirt or oils. Ask your dealer to recommend a good tile and vinyl cleaner for your surface. Once clean, rinse well and thoroughly dry. BorderlinesTM will adhere to your surface under water once they have been applied and cured but it is very important for both the surface and the border itself to be completely dry during installation.

Application: Your BorderlinesTM tile border will follow the top edge of your pool as a guide for placement. We recommend using the wall skimmer as a starting point. Begin by gently peeling off several inches of the backing material and securing the exposed border to the surface. Adhere the border using a BorderlinesTM plastic squeegee or a soft dry cloth to apply pressure, working outward toward the edge. Continue to peel material and apply exposed border using firm pressure and overlapping strokes to ensure a good bond. Once a full section of border is applied pay particular attention to the edges, reapplying pressure if necessary to ensure proper adhesion.

Apply additional border sections side by side in a continuous pattern around the perimeter of pool.

If you come to a wall mounted obstruction, such as a return inlet or skimmer, the border can be carefully cut using scissors to go around the fitting. Once you have completed the application and return to the original skimmer starting point you can cut the border and tuck behind the skimmer faceplate to end.

IMPORTANT! Take one more opportunity to go over the edges of the border applying circular pressure, particularly where it will be submerged in water. ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR ADHESIVES TO FULLY CURE BEFORE REFILLING YOUR POOL to its normal operational level. Product will adhere to the following: vinyl, fiberglass, acrylic and stainless steel pool walls.