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Vinyl Masters Inc. Pool Liner Repair & Leak Detection.


Vinyl Masters Inc. is a vinyl repair service for your pool liners and vinyl lock-in covers with over 25 years of experience with homeowners, manufacturers, dealers, and insurance companies. We provide fast and professional repair services throughout the Golden Horseshoe. We provide warranty work and custom vinyl over stair installations across southern Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa.

Our team has cultivated skills and experience that allow Vinyl Masters Inc. to be one of the select few companies that are authorized to do warranty repairs on behalf of numerous pool liner manufacturers. We have extensive experience with the myriad of problems that may occur with a vinyl pool liner and have lead the way in pioneering new repair techniques that can address these problems.

Our unique approach to vinyl welding has allowed us to provide pool dealers with endlessly customizable options that were formerly unavailable to vinyl-lined pool designers. Our process unlocks the design potential of vinyl lined pools, allowing pool builders to create the ultimate sun-bathing experience.

Vinyl Masters Inc. can repair new liners that don’t fit correctly, have failed as a result of a manufacturing defect, have leaks the size of a pin to cuts & tears up 100ft. long, shrinking top corners, and bead separations. We are also able to mend vinyl that has pulled or torn away from your fiberglass stairs as well as refreshing and repairing liners that are over 15 years old or have experienced deterioration due to sun damage.  


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