First Repair of 2012


The 2012 Pool Season has started off breaking all records with the earliest start to the pool season I have ever seen. Pools are being opened, builders are digging for new construction & Vinyl Masters Inc. has started the year providing professional support for both.

Don't  forget to check out our gallery for new updated before and after photos.

Enjoy your 2012 pool season!

Scott Gregg


Vinyl Masters Inc.

New Product Alert for 2012 - Galvanizing Spray


Vinyl Masters Inc. is pleased to announce for 2012, the addition of a Galvanizing Spray for swimming pool steel walls.   With the popularity of saltwater pools increasing,  pool service professionals are experiencing more issues with rust on steel walls.  This product is designed to be used as a rust spot repair.

Features of the Galvanizing Spray is as follows:

  • Zinc based spray;
  • Quick drying, corrosion protection;
  • Salt water spray tested shows no corrosion after 550 hours;
  • Colour matching quality to steel walls.

Stock will be available mid-April.  Distributor  inquires welcome.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Scott Gregg

Vinyl Masters Inc.

Border Lines


This exciting new product was first introduced to our customers  this past season.  After a full season of working with this product we are very impressed with both the quality and ease of use for the consumer. So we are very excited to make this our first addition to our newly launched online store.

The web site and store this year are under constant development so please keep checking to see what’s new or provide feedback on what you would like to see added or answered.

New Product - Border Lines


New this summer we are now offering a solution to all those pool liners that are in good working order but have unsightly UV damage or water marks.Or if you are lucky enough to be getting a long life out of your pool liner but now you find yourself having to replace the liner to keep it looking new Vinyl Masters Inc. has been looking for a solution.

july 20089 004.JPG

The solution is Border Lines and Vinyl Masters Inc. has used it with great results.  Whether it's to cover an old faded liner or just time for an updated change, Border Lines instantly transforms your pool liner without the cost of a new liner.

To find out more about Border lines.

A busy summer update.

So it’s the middle of summer and Vinyl Masters is busy, very busy. We are sorry the story section has slowed down but it will continue as we get the chance to share some of our summer successes. In the meantime we have a couple of new before & after pictures to share. The first is a rare sandy brown pattern that creates the effect of a sandy bottom.  


Also we have been working on a number of projects on the web site to bring more information to our customers. We will be adding a F.A.Q. section to help answer some of your questions about the products and services we provide as well as information to help identify your problems or help to care for your vinyl products. We are always looking for more of your feedback in developing this so please fell free to drop a suggestion to our development team.

Send suggestion or feedback.

We hope you’re enjoying your summer.

Upcoming products from Vinyl Masters Inc.

Keep a close eye as we have a couple new products to add to our site over the next couple weeks. These new products are currently being used on a couple of projects and we are excited to bring further details.....soon!

Also while on a follow up visit with the homeowner of a recent pool project featured on our main page we took a picture of the pool filled with water on a beautiful sunny day. What a great looking pool.