For Sale: “Pool Liner as is”.

Vinyl Masters Inc. was called on after a homeowner had problems with the fit of their vinyl pool liner. The homeowner had purchased the liner from an ad in the local classifieds after spotting a great price on what they thought was the same sized pool liner. The vinyl pool liner was the same dimensions (16” x 32”) as their pool but the resulting fit was considerably different.

The repair required cutting out over 60 feet of wrinkles and welding the liner to the precise fit of a new pool liner. The project was completed by 3 Vinyl Masters Inc. technicians in less then a day.

The classifieds are a great place to find a deal but beware if you see a good deal on a vinyl pool liner. Inground vinyl pool liners are custom made to fit your pool they are not manufactured to a common or standardized fit that can be purchased off a shelf.

Every pool is different and the life of your liner depends on the fit of the liner based on the measurements provided to the liner manufacturer. In order to get the perfect fitting vinyl pool liner precise measurements need to be made of the concrete floor under the liner and the angle of the slopes.

***Update. We couldn't help ourselves we had such a happy homeowner we had to get another picture of the finished pool.

A Spring Surprise

After a long winter many homeowners remove the winter cover on their pool with fingers crossed hoping to get one more season from their pool liner. Unfortunately the ravages of a severe winter can end that hope and the life of many older liners.

With a new liner of just 2 seasons this homeowner never expected to find a 3 foot cut in their liner. When the homeowner contacted their pool dealer they where told that due to the severity of the damage their only option was to replace the liner.

Luckily the homeowner contacted Vinyl Masters Inc. and saved the expense and waste of replacing a new liner. Using techniques developed by Vinyl Masters Inc. the vinyl liner was repaired from behind leaving an undetectable repair that is as strong as a new liner.


A long weekend complication.

It’s Friday before the May long weekend and the homeowner has set the holiday weekend as a target date to have their new pool filled with water.The homeowner has installed the liner but there are complications.

The liner has sizing problems around the pool affecting the fit, causing wrinkles around the stairs down the left side and the slope under the stairs. The homeowner has no worries as the pool company has Vinyl Masters Inc. on the way.

Completed by the end of the day Friday our team of professionals has the pool in tip top shape for the season and on time for the weekend.

Happy “24” and welcome summer.