100 feet & a new lease on life

 In the summer of 2008 Vinyl Masters Inc. received a request from a customer in the Windsor area to inspect their liner that was aging and severely damaged. There was a large cut to the liner and the entire length of the lock in bead/ border pattern area was becoming brittle from many years of service and exposure to the elements.

On a strict budget the customer asked for an alternative to the purchase of a new liner. The inspection showed the majority of the liner was in good condition and had many more years of life left in the vinyl. Vinyl Masters Inc. suggested a project that would replace the failing portion of the pool liner and refresh its appearance.

Using methods of vinyl welding developed by Vinyl Masters Inc. the entire 100 foot border of the liner was replaced. The new vinyl made the pool look like new with a contemporary pattern along the border and better as strong as new. The added advantage is the quality of the work and materials is protected by Vinyl Master Inc.