The Lazy River

 In 2007 Vinyl Master Inc. had the privilege to be part of a truly unique and innovative design new to the pool market. The challenge:

A customer had designed the first “lazy river” to be made with a vinyl pool liner. The project was inspired after the customer had been on a vacation in Mexico at a resort with a “lazy river” pool. It’s an extremely complex residential design that is so far as we know the first and only one of its kind.

The plan was to recreate his very own “lazy river” and pool in his backyard. The pool is about 30 feet wide and 50 feet long with undulating perimeter contours. On the side farthest from the house is a river channel about 85 feet long that flows out of and into a wider swimming area. 

The cut in the liner was positioned at the narrowest spot on the river to keep the seam as short as possible. Vinyl-welding by Vinyl Master formed the seam and the liner-installation process took only 75 minutes.

Leading the way in developing techniques that allow for new ways of designing and building pools Vinyl Masters Inc. was there to meet the requirements of the customer.