With over 20 years of experience with homeowners, manufacturers, dealers, and insurance companies Vinyl Masters Inc. is thrilled to offer several repair services for your vinyl pool liner and winter lock-in cover. Our skills and experiences have made Vinyl Masters Inc. the only company that is authorized to do warranty repairs for several major manufacturers.

We have experience with numerous problems that are common-place among vinyl pool liners and have proven to our industry leadership by pioneering new vinyl welding techniques that have allowed us to complete projects once thought impossible. Vinyl Masters Inc. can repair new liners that don't fit correctly or have failed from manufacturing defects. We can also fix leaks the size of a pin to cuts and tears over 100 feet long. We can even refresh and repair some liners that are over 15 years old or have deteriorated due to sun damage.

Types of Repairs:

  • Leaks
  • Seam separations
  • Torn beads
  • Ink touch ups
  • Wrinkle repairs
  • Cuts and tears
  • Vinyl weld-in around return jet or skimmer

Contact us today with your issue and we will show why we are the industries first choice for service and repair to your vinyl liner.