Chris Wilson

I have to tell you, one of the reasons I decided to go with your company was your stellar customer service. I hadn't even done any business with you and you were fantastic at answering the multitude of questions I fired at you. You were prompt, helpful, courteous, and entertaining! You, and you specifically Kelly, were the reason I gave your company my business. And let me tell you, I have been so impressed with all that has taken place. Everybody has been amazing, and I can wait for it to all be finished. I will recommend you guys to everyone I know! Thank you for all you have done, and the speed at which you have done it. I had some rather crappy customer service from other companies round about the time I started dealing with were such a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work, you have a wonderful team! 


Thanks again for everything Kelly, it's been a pleasure

Warm regards



Rick and Marcia Christoff "Brampton Ontario"

To: Crystal Clear Pool Services; Vinylmasters Inc. and Pool Step Repair

Good Day.

Last year I hired all 3 companies to fix my pool where I have been having problems with water under my liner for many years. I had one pool person in the past do minor repairs but had never fixed the main problem.

I finally called Crystal Clear Pool Services who referred me to Vinylmasters. Vinylmasters referred me to Randy Babb at Pool Step Repair.

It appears that the major problem was with my steps which Randy repaired. Randy showed me marks that could be leaking water and sure enough, the steps were flooded with water when he drilled into them to make repairs.

Vinylmasters fixed my liner and discovered a crack in the jet located in the deep end. A behind the liner repair was done so I did not have an ugly patch sticking out where I had the liner repair in the deep end by another company a few years ago. 

I was shocked when a Vinylmasters person went right behind the liner to check it thoroughly for problems. I was then informed that there were no visual problems especially around the corners of my steps.

Crystal Clear Pools replaced the jet.

I was impressed with how all 3 companies worked together to get to the root of the problem. Each company has their own speciality area and this is where it benefits the customer.

I had the water all drained out in early August of 2013 so everybody could do their job. I kept the pool open until October 7 when Crystal Clear Pool Services closed the pool. The liner appeared to be stretching properly into place with no sign of water underneath the liner.

The summer of 2014 is here and Crystal Clear Pool Services opened the pool on June 5 when two people came in and took off the liner and cleaned the deck. Curtis came in the next day and got the pump going. I was absolutely thrilled when the cover was removed to see the liner had no water underneath. It was adhering tightly to the pool bottom.

Many years of problems have now been fixed.

My wife Marcia and I would like to thank all 3 companies for working together in your own area of expertise to fix our pool. It is so impressive to have one company refer a customer to another company because of the expertise each company has when it comes to pool repairs.

I would also like to mention that I was impressed how Curtis made sure all the water was blown out of the underground pool hoses and with our solar heater in order to make sure no water would be left in the hoses to cause damage during the winter.

Thank you very much for all your professional help.