Recommendations For Care Of Vinyl Lined Swimming Pools

1. Maintain proper water balance:

(a) pH in the 7.2 to 7.6 range.

(b) Total alkalinity in about 100 ppm.

(c) Calcium hardness: 100 ppm minimum.

2. Maintain free chlorine residual between 1.0 and 1.5 ppm. If free chlorine drifts below 1.0 ppm algae and bacterial growth can take hold more easily and may cause staining of the vinyl liner.

3. A low pH of less than 7.0 should be especially avoided, since it can cause liner to form wrinkles and with a greater probability if the water is not stabilized with cyanuric acid. For this reason it is recommended that all vinyl lined swimming pools be routinely stabilized with cyanuric acid and that a minimum of 25 ppm be maintained.

4. Avoid using hydrochloric (muriatic) acid for pH adjustment*. This acid will chemically attack the print pattern on the liner and in time will make it more susceptible to wearing off due to abrasion.

*The exception is the use of hydrochloric acid for total alkalinity reduction, since much of the acid is consumed in the process.

5. Test for the presence of dissolved metals in pool water. Dissolved metals may cause staining of the vinyl liner directly or may combine with calcium hardness and form discoloured deposits on vinyl liner. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations concerning the use of chelating materials to inactivate dissolved metals.

6. Chemicals should never be mixed together and added to the pool water at the same time. Certain combinations of the chemicals that individually will have no effect can cause bleaching of the liner if concentration is allowed to remain high in the vicinity of the liner. Always allow a chemical to disperse throughout the pool by means of water recirculation, before adding asecond chemical.

7. Never close a pool without circulating the pool water for several hours after the final addition of chemicals. Even liquid chlorine can concentrate in the deep end and cause liner bleaching, if not sufficiently blended with the rest of the pool water.

8. Use a well fitting winter pool cover that is tightly sealed around the entire perimeter of the pool to prevent accumulation of debris such as leaves, worms, etc. during the winter period. Organic matter has the potential to cause staining and/or bleaching of vinyl liner.