One of the biggest trends in vinyl liner pool design is the return of the vinyl covered stairs.  They first became popular in the 1970's, but when fibreglass stairs were introduced to the pool market the popularity of vinyl covered stairs decreased.    In the past 5 years, vinyl covered stairs have made a huge comeback.  Advances in pool design and the desire for custom swimming pools are creating a demand for vinyl covered stairs.  Many homeowners simply prefer the look and the design options that vinyl covered stairs provide.

With the resurgence of vinyl covered stairs, the challenge for pool contractors and vinyl liner manufacturers has been to achieve the custom fit that vinyl covered stairs require.  Vinyl Masters Inc. was often contacted after the liner was installed to make alterations to the vinyl liner on site in order to attain a better fit.

 In 2010, after several years of altering poorly fitting vinyl covered stairs, Vinyl Masters Inc. hit on the idea that we could achieve the best possible fit if we were on site when the liner was being installed.  We make arrangements with the pool contractors, liner manufacturers and their designers to custom install the liner over the steel stairs at the time of the liner install.  The results have been impressive!   This process avoids wasted time and  the aggravation of altering or, in some cases, rebuilding a vinyl liner that does not fit properly at the stairs.

The advantage to this process is you simply get a better fit!

Different Styles and Shapes of Custom Fitted Steps